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Getting To Know Van Bennett Food Company

Van and Betty Bennett founded Van Bennett Food Company, Inc. in 1940 to serve the local grocery stores with Best Foods products. Today, Van Bennett Food Company is still family owned and operated. John Marcinko and his wife Joline are third generation owners and their children Michael Marcinko and Chanin Kwiatkowski have now brought the fourth generation family into the mix.

In 1957, Betty prepared salads out of her home kitchen and sold them through the business. Business flourished over the years and expansion into the food service arena occurred in the late 1970’s. Betty’s Salads is currently an approved supplier member for Legacy Foodservice Alliance, selling over fifty salad and dessert items nationally.

Visionary leadership, quality and innovative products, superior service and communication, partnering for performance with suppliers, as well as growth opportunities for customers are key components to the success of the Van Bennett organization. Every associate takes action to support an environment of continuous improvement toward personal growth and performance excellence.

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Contact Information:
101 N. Carroll Street
Reading, Pa 19611
Toll Free: (800) 676-8348 or (800) 4-BETTYS (423-8897)
Phone: (610) 374-8348
Fax: (610) 374-6714

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